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What to do when you have a car accident


Having an automobile accident or tackling a disaster is taxing. However, it’ vital that you try and stay composed and focused. In such a situation there’re a number of few keys things that one needs to do to make certain that he/she is protected. We’re going to discuss these things below for your reference.

Safety must be given priority after a car accident. On the accident being minor you must try and move vehicles away from the traffic to a secure place. You must Shift into park, shit down the vehicle, and turn the hazard lights on.

Make use of warning triangles, cones, / flares for more safety, provided that you’ve them.

Get Help after a car accident

You must inspect if there’re any injuries and call the ambulance when you’ve any doubt.

You must give the police a call after a car accident. This holds for an accident that’s slight. A police report is able to be helpful to the claim procedure and help ascertain who’s liable.

Amass Information

  • Amass info from other people involved in an accident.
  • Drivers & passengers – names & contact information
  • Vehicle details (model, make, and year)
  • License number of Driver
  • Numbers of the License plate
  • Insurance corporations & policy numbers
  • Eyewitnesses – their names & contact info
  • Accident site address
  • Name of Police officer and his/her badge no.
  • Take snaps of every vehicle involved and the site of accident.

Be certain that you never tell anybody that you were guilty for the accident, even on thinking so.

Be certain that you never sign any document except for it being for the police /your insurance mediator

File a Claim

One is able to commence the claim procedure immediately at the site and put in details as things get cooler.

One can file the claim online

One should notify one’s insurance agent ASAP.

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