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Single car accident insurance claim


You’ve had a tough day. You had lost your occupation. Your much loved TV show had been canceled. Now you’re caught up in a car crash. You are well aware that you don’t anyone to blame except for yourself. Being involved in a solo vehicle crash brings up several vital questions.

The most vital question is whether they’re always at-fault? The answer is dependent on a number of factors.


The first factor as to whether you’re at-fault is Vehicle Defects

From time to time cars have production defects. Maybe there had been defective brakes/ poor alignment for which the car was unable to operate in the right way. In a good number of states you will have the ability of filing a product liability claim and recovering any damages that you sustain due to the negligence on the part of the manufacturer. The maker is going to in turn be accountable to anybody injured/any damage to a property from the accident.

Road Design / Maintenance that is not good

It is possible that your crash was due to a stoplight playing up/ simply not working /cavernous potholes in the thoroughfare. If your mishap is due to not sufficiently good road design/ failure to preserve the roadways, there is a chance that you can file a suit against the metropolis, county, / other government unit accountable for the preservation of such areas. Though in such situations the person whose at-fault isn’t always apparent, a veteran attorney can be of help to you.

The “Unavoidable” crash

There’re times when a different individual, motorist, /cyclist does something careless and you are forced to respond fast, thus having a single car crash. A case in point is when a cyclist swerves into your lane. The first reaction on your part would be keep away from the rider. However, if you eventually hit something the cyclist could be held accountable for the crash. A point to note is that this is greatly dependant on your state’s negligence laws. Thus, you must understand the law ahead of filing a claim.

The other factor is drunk driving. Those found accountable for DUI are likely to owe compensation for repairing any damage due to your activity.

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