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Insurance claim without police report

You had an automobile accident. No one appeared and the damage didn’t look as though too bad. Thus, after some words you and the driver of the other car went your own ways. Afterward that evening you were experiencing back pain and when it was morning you were unable to get out of bed… or a vital part of your car broke off as you pulled into the driveway.

On realizing the full degree of your damages you could be wondering whether a car insurance claim can be filed with no police report. The brief reply would be yes, you are still able to file the insurance claim. Nevertheless, the availability of a police report implies that some extra work could be required to ascertain your claim and you’re likely to encounter a slower procedure and a lesser insurance payout.

Below is some information for helping you address the difficulties created when no police report is issued following an accident/mishap.

Addressing evidentiary problems for a car insurance claim with no police report

The police report is a vital proof as it includes an account of the accident formed shortly following its occurrence. This document is formed by a disinterested 3rd (the police official) and features info taken from conversations with each party of the accident. Those who make a car insurance claim with no police report have alternative evidence for gathering numerous of the benefits that a report would generally offer. They include:

  • Drivers’ accounts
  • Eyewitness statements
  • accident site’s snaps
  • Snaps of damages of the vehicles

The report of a police officer also records vital info that you may gather by yourself. These include evidence that establishes:

  • The time, date, and site of the mishap
  • The type of weather and road at the site of the mishap
  • A comprehensive account of the autos that were involved

Other Effects

Even though it’s possible to make a claim with no police report the claim is expected take more time to process. Claims with no police report could also cause lesser settlement offers.


The careful compilation and presentation of info associated with your accident could lessen or remove numerous of the issues that come up whenever an auto insurance claim is made with no police report.

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