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How long to report an accident


Is it that you have been involved in a crash recently? When should you report an accident and when you should not and more? In the section below are a number of valuable guidelines for helping you understand what is to be done if you get involved in a crash. Reading this section is going to help you know what to do when you get involved in a car crash.

Reporting of an Accident: No injuries & damages are within the threshold of your state

Every State sets a dollar worth for approximated damages that are going to decide if you must involve the police. In Ontario and Alberta, for instance, the threshold amount is $2,000. So what does this imply? It is not mandatory for you to report an accident to the police one the overall damage being less than what the province outlines. This limit consists of the damage to each of the vehicles.

The insurance policy of a person states that you must report every accident, notwithstanding the quantity of damage. Numerous drivers feel that if they compensate the damages on their own there is no need for involving the insurer but this isn’t true. The insurer of the person must be kept within the loop of all collisions.

Reporting of an Accident: No injuries & damages exceed the threshold of your province

By regulation, you must report a crash on the damage exceeding the limit of your state. (This limit for Alberta & Ontario’s is $2,000). Basically, if a person is a resident of Ontario and a vehicle sustains estimated damages of $1000 while the other car is estimated to have damages worth $1001, he/she has to report it to the law enforcement / a Collision Reporting Centre.

The failure to report a crash to the police when necessary by decree implies that the there is chance that the person is going to be indicted with leaving the scene.

What about crashes that take place on private property

Mostly, a parking lot crash is not much different to a crash that takes place during a drive on the lane, road / highway. The law enforcement must be notified on there being any injuries, or on the damages exceeding the threshold of your province. And, even though it may be private property, you need to notify your insurer if you’re involved in a collision.

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