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How long do you have to report a car accident


The time limit for filing an automobile insurance claim following an accident is fixed by all states’ governments, and is between 1 and 10 years. Moreover, even for the same jurisdiction, this time limit could vary for diverse claim sorts. You can know the statute of limitations of your state online. An important point to note is that contacting your insurance representative ASAP will make the process easy.

How does a state’s liability time determine the time you have for filing a Claim

The filing of a claim must be done as per a state’s liability time limit. All states govern their own time limits. There are diverse time limits for different sorts of damages, examples being bodily injury/ property damage. Your automobile insurance policy could state that you must commence the claims process when the incident happens,/within 24 hours from the incident. Though strongly advised, this time frame isn’t a prerequisite, and doesn’t stop you /a different driver from filing the claim months/ even years afterward, provided that it’s filed within a state’s liability time limit where the crash occurred.

What to beware of

However, you must know that the longer that you wait to report an accident, you could have harder time defending it. Insurance companies are likely to get highly doubtful of considerably delayed claims, and are going to examine whether a damage that is being claimed actually was a result of the covered crash and not, misleadingly, from an incident that happened afterward. When they’ve legitimate reasons for doubting your claim, they could refute coverage.

Another important point

When another driver had been guilty for your crash, and the place was a no-fault state, you must file your preliminary claim under your PIP policy. Nevertheless, you are still able to file the claim against the second driver if you’re afflicted with ongoing /permanent bodily injuries, and the expenditure of treatment surpasses the coverage of your policy.

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