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How long do I have to report an accident 

Having a car accident isn’t good. This is true regardless of you going to work, driving back to your residence from a road journey along with your family, /running errands. Notwithstanding the person who’s guilty, you must deal with some things — and rather quickly — subsequent to the accident. Certainly suitable medical attention ought to be your main concern if you/ any of your fellow passengers get seriously injuries.

However, you could also wonder the time you’ve for reporting an auto accident to your insurer / the time you’ve for filing a lawsuit (should it come to that), and other timing-associated issues.

Do you need to Report a Car Accident?

There could be times where you are against reporting it. However, such occasions are rare. As an instance, a person who has scraped his car door against a beam of steel is not likely to report it on the estimate repair cost being the same / less than the insurance deductible.

A point to note is that as you’re legally responsible for all damages caused to a second party’s property when you’re at fault, even for a single-vehicle mishap, you must make contact with your insurer following a car accident in a good number of cases. You could also wish to make contact with your insurance corporation even when you aren’t at fault, and proceed with the filing of a 3rd-party claim with the insurance company of the other driver.

The time you’ve for Report It

The brief answer would be to report the accident ASAP. On it being a single-vehicle mishap and you aren’t even certain whether to call, you’ll perhaps want to go through your policy and arrive at a well-versed decision after getting home.

Numerous insurance companies require that policyholders make a claim within a definite time from the time of the accident.

Auto Accident & Statute of Limitations

A Lawsuit is an exception when tackling a car accident. However, occasionally it is necessary when the insurance company is unable to cover one’s damages. All states have a strict time limit, which is referred to as civil statute of limitations. The time starts on the day when you had the incident.

States also have diverse time limits for diverse sorts of claims.

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