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Auto accident settlement calculator 


The primary step in bargaining a resolution for an auto accident/ personal injury claim is the calculating of a reasonable sum of money you’re going to accept for relinquishes your legal claim. A good number of insurance companies and injury legal representatives rely on a formula / another for getting a preliminary point for settlement discussions.

This holds for all personal injury cases. The auto accident settlement calculator uses a widespread formula where a multiplier and your medicinal expenditures are used to furnish an approximation of non-monetary damages (cash for your pain & suffering). This figure’s added to your monetary losses (property damage, medicinal bills, & lost income) for getting a dollar sum that you can negotiate from.  However while calculating using a calculator you must be aware that the calculator does not the work of a lawyer. The calculation is just for instructional purposes. A person must consult an advocate for a monetary and legal examination of your case.

What are the fields in an auto accident settlement calculator?

The fields that are there in the auto accident settlement calculator are:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Damage
  • Lost Earnings
  • Future Lost Income
  • Estimated Future medicinal Expenses
  • Multiplier for common Damages
  • Settlement Value Estimates
  • Economic Damages
  • Non-Economic Damages
  • The total Settlement Estimate

There are also fields where you must answer some questions for helping match people with attorneys in their areas.

Damages and “Multiplier”

Having entered your numbers and clicked “Calculate,” the dollar figures that come into view above “the Total Settlement Estimate” field represents the two key sorts of damages that come up in a good number of injury cases, which are economic losses & non-economic losses. In all injury-associated insurance claims, / even personal injury lawsuits filed in civil court, losses that the injured person suffers are able to be put into any of these two classes.


The multiplier does the work of putting a dollar worth to general damages. These are damages that aren’t simple to quantify.

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